Our Deeproot fertilizers are custom mixed formulations of nitrogen and slow release micro capsules that last the trees and shrubs in your landscape all year long. Our deeproot fertilizers are injected into to soil via our deeproot injector. We inject the fertilizer at 200 psi which breaks up packed soil and clay that older homes and newer developed neighborhoods have. Packed soil can squeeze much needed oxygen from the root system. We also add beneficial Mycorrhizae to our fertilizer mix that adds a organic twist. Mycorrhizae are little organisms that we send into the root system, they bite microscopic bites out of the roots encouraging new root growth. Our Deeproot fertilizers have proven in the past to not only grow big and beautiful plants but also fight off destructive fungus's that can kill trees and shrubs.

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Our foliar fertilizers are a custom mix of vitamins, kelp, ash, potash, potassium, and many other organic ingredients that leave noticeable results throughout the year. We apply the foliar fertilizer with a "spreader sticker" that does actually spread and stick the solution onto the plant foliage. This sticker ensures that the foliar fertilizer is effective with our northwestern rainy season. 

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