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We are a plant healthcare company that strives to make your landscape healthy with the up most attention to detail and customer service.  With over 20 years of horticultural experience with plant healthcare, farming, arborculture, and it's industries there is no other answer for your landscape than Garden Solutions.


We have the most environmentally friendly products on the market, and apply them with the most up to date tools. We pride ourselves practicing to the highest bar known to the horticultural world and hold the highest principles that surround the plant healthcare industry. 


I chose to work in this industry because, I started in the plant healthcare industry at a very early age. I started my carrier by cleaning and maintaining the equipment that was used at the time for plant healthcare when I was 13. I grew up working on a farm and we were always striving for a better crop of wheat, potatoes, peas, etc. I spent countless days working as a climbing arborist, taking horticultural classes and practicing integrated pest management on my time off. I feel that I have a responsibility to uphold the horticultural practices and principles that I learned from a young age, while still learning new methods of treatment and new strategies to help our landscapes and our environment be as healthy as they can be. We started in the industry in 1995. We describe our business - family owned and operated.
— Doug Heaphy






We set the Organic standard

All of our products are OMRI certified

For growers and organic professionals

Organics that acrually work

Making organics reliable

Making every treatment count

Taking the organic industry to a new level




Over the past 40  years, we have employed all of the major Portland area insecticide applicators to ensure our diverse and sophisticated flower gardens remain healthy. Finding Garden Solutions was a breath of fresh air. Other applicators simply spray and go away without examining the long term results of their treatments. Not true of Garden Solutions, applications of insecticides and fertilizers are carefully formulated to the needs of our plants and photos and logs are reviewed to ensure we get effective results. Taking the time to be sure is rare in this industry. Knowledge and this level of care is not available elsewhere. We are delighted with our results and look forward to many more seasons of good care.     -Gene D.

Doug Heaphy of Garden Solutions has maintained my extensively landscaped yard of shrubs, evergreens and deciduous trees with organic sprays for the past three seasons. I was lucky to find him after having experienced highly unsatisfactory service prior to him from three different local companies.  Doug has restored and maintained the health of my plants and relieved me of worry and stress in dealing with uncontrolled insects, blight and plant viruses--I had it all before Doug arrived to restore order to my landscape. Not only are my plants healthier than ever, but Doug tells me about his strategies for dealing with future issues before they become too advanced.  It's a relief to be able to trust someone to do what they say they'll do, and actually stick to a schedule of applications without my having to nag someone to follow through on promises.  Doug's word is solid gold.  So is his work.  I'd recommend his skill set to anyone with landscapes they care about.  He's a thorough worker, reasonably priced, and knowledgeable about--well, I guess his company's name says it all--garden solutions.   -Gordon J.







Garden Solutions started fertilizing our young landscape when we first bought our new home 4 years ago and all I have to say is wow! You can most defiantly tell our landscape is looking better and healthier than our neighbors!   -Victoria B.

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